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This blog is for anyone who has lived long enough to slip, fall, awaken or thrive.  The halfway point lies somewhere between the beginning and the end, full of potential, excitement, tension.  It’s a time when we can honestly say we’ve done some living, have wonderful memories of the past, have a long list of adventures for the future, but also have painful regrets we can’t shake and a desire to do better going forward.  

This blog’s primary goal is to explore the things we want (or think we want), what trips us up getting there, how we overcome those snags and what we learn along the way. 

In life, we embark on many adventures.  With each adventure, some of us have trouble getting the beginning part right.  Others struggle with the middle.  A few get hung up on the ending, whether or not we get there.  At the halfway point, a lot of unexpected things can happen.  What do we do when we hit a rough patch?  Do we take responsibility for it or do we blame someone else?  What  if it looks like we won’t get to our destination?  Do we re-assess our strategy?  Do we jump ship?  Do we call for reinforcement?  Do we have a meltdown?  Do we throw out the “blueprint” and see what happens?
A secondary goal is to provide a place for candid conversations and questions about the philosophical grey areas in life.  It may get puzzling.  It may get radical.  It may even get downright confrontational.   After all, the halfway point is often riddled with conflict, contradiction, confusion and denial

As I indulge myself in a little philosophy, I hope to remain true to one principle: choosing positivity.  With an abundance of choices life presents, we have a never-ending opportunity to choose positivity. 

I post about various topics in poetry or prose form. I ask a lot of questions, know some things and don’t pretend to be an expert on anything.

About me:
My name is Belinda Munoz .  I am the executive director of a private foundation and political advisor focusing on fundraising for progressive political candidates.  I’m married with one son and I live in San Francisco, CA.
My seemingly perennial relationship with the halfway point inspired me to start this blog.  In my more naive years, I’ve struggled with wants, shoulds, perceptions and expectations.  I’ve never been one of those people who always knew the one thing they wanted to do in life.  Instead, I’m hyper-aware of choices and so I dabble in the arts, in writing, in philosophy and in many other things where my passion lies.  I’ve been a painter, a mosaic artist, a jewelry designer, a fashionista, an entrepreneur and a women’s rights activist to name a few. 

With every iteration of myself, I become a happier person.  Each time I go through a process of re-invention, one lesson keeps popping up and that is the importance of choosing positivity.  The more I learn to be positive, the happier I become.  The happier I am, the more I’m compelled to turn my attention away from myself and toward the outside world, its maladies and the numerous possible ways I can be of help.

Over the years, I’ve learned that, first and foremost, we human beings must make sure our basics are met.  Once our basics are met, we are better positioned to follow our passion.  When we follow our passion and remain positive and hopeful, we become a happier version of ourselves.  It is at this point, I believe, when we become better able to define our humanity, see that we are part of a continuum, that our choices and actions impact others, and that we have many opportunities to make a difference
Thank you for visiting.  I look forward to bumping into you at the halfway point!

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